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  • This course will provide information about laws related to the teaching profession. The legal requirement of laws such as IDEA, FERPA, copyright, the Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators is reviewed. An overview of the teaching profession and an understanding of the structure, purposes, and organization of the state education system is provided.
  • Child development and learning theory is introduced. The work of major learning theorists such as Piaget, Erikson, and Kolhberg is described and applied to teaching practice. The role of individual differences (i.e., cognitive, social, physical and emotional development) is discussed and practical examples applied to teaching practice are demonstrated. The impact of student differences on learning with regard to intelligence, learning style, culture, economic status and gender are explored.
  • Models and procedures for classroom management and discipline as well as techniques for motivating students are presented. Human relations strategies are discussed in detail and methods for increasing parental involvement are also touched on. A broad array of topics are presented including what to do before the students arrive, creation of the learning environment, behavioral analysis, legal considerations, conferencing, learning contracts, incentives, planning, keeping organized, and managing time
  • TEKS organization, skills; content TEKS, curriculum development and lesson planning; classroom assessment and diagnosing learning needs; differentiated instruction and special populations.
  • This course will help teachers adopt instructional strategies and curriculum that is responsive to cultural (including English language learners) and socioeconomic needs of all students. Online instruction is used for course topics related to various types of instructional strategies and instructional technology (28 hours). Course instruction related to content specific pedagogy/instructional strategies are taught in face-to-face meetings (42 hours). Please contact the office for face-to-face training dates and scheduling.
  • This course will help teachers plan for and implement literacy instruction across the curriculum. Selecting, evaluating and using developmentally and culturally appropriate materials and resources will be a focus as well as using content literacy strategies which support independent reading and writing in the content areas.
  • Provides information about parent conferencing including regular oral and written communication standards which are responsive to diverse family cultures.

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